Other Student Testimonies:

two friends who visited me in Cape Charles – passed their ORTs last weekend and have proven proficiency in birch, clove and anise. Check it out, Tony Gravley – your students have done you proud! Way to go, boys!!

Revvin and Mickee

Really enjoyed the workshop and learned a ton of great information

so happy to hear you liked and thought thst it will help you in the future. I only can highly recommend him as well and can’t wait to have him come to VA Beach VA for a workshop.again thanks for your feedback

Thank you Tony Gravley for giving me a new perspective in my training. I am amazed at all of the learning that took place in just one short weekend! You challenged my dog in ways I couldn’t conceive. The breakthroughs in training I experienced with Grace exceeded any expectations I could have had!

Tony Gravley I simply cannot say enough about how incredible this weekend was and how much we all got from our work. Everyone learned so much and some real insights were gathered by all. Thank you Tony Gravley for bringing your A game to Atlanta and K-9 Coach – Dog Training-Boarding-Daycare-Grooming-Atlanta for all the nose work junkies. JUST AWESOME.

Senior Trainer, Tony Gravley is an amazing trainer.

We had such a great time at the seminar we learned so much and I can’t wait to implement what I learned into my training needs and expectations! And not just of my dogs, me too!

Wally and I had productive searches and I learned how to better direct him – I know this will really help us be more productive and efficient in our future searches