Next Generation K9 TWG Group LLC
Albany, Indiana


Working Spot For Introduction to Odor

6 Week online class

Start Date: 31 May 2023

End Date: 5 July 2023

Class Time: 8:00 PM EST

Class designed to transition from hunting primary to introduction of target odor. Will capitalize on instinctual drives of the canine. The canine will be imprinted on target odor(s) using techniques (classical conditioning) that the K9 will not actually have to learn anything and will be conditioned on target odor(s) via scent association through pairing. Class is based on methods Tony has used for 35+ years for Military and Law Enforcement K9s. Working spots will be given weekly assignments to be completed, and videoed. Working spots will receive video review provided directly to the handler and video review live in class. Working spots must have completed hunting for primary class from Tony.