Ebook – 5 Weeks to a Search Monster in Exteriors




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Paired Odor Foundations

Paired Odor Foundations # 1 ( this is the follow on class for Paired Problem Solving) Can also be taken for students looking to build skills for dogs on odor


4-week Online Class
Course is designed to build and enhance foundation skills for the Nose Work/Scent Work Sport Dog. Whether experienced or just started on odor dogs will greatly benefit from the weekly exercises. The fun exercises will not only build skills but enhance hunt drive and increase motivation. Dogs will gain confidence and critical problem-solving skills, dogs that have a tendency to range for excessive amount before solving will over the 4-week course learn to solve problems quicker, with ranging less.
Skills that the course will address directly and indirectly are items such as.
This class is part of a series that will continue every 4 weeks with new exercises working on specific skills.
Working spot students will be required to upload videos to YouTube and then submit links of the videos for review.
Online class has two portions.
Part 1 Review of Videos
Part 2 Weekly lesson objectives with homework assignments
Historically there has been excellent discussions in class that has been very beneficial for the group.
Each class will be recorded, recording link and class slides will be provided to working and audit spot students.

Special Note:

Wicked Primary Sourcing


Class designed to build intensity and maximize potential of hunt behavior in your young in the sport Nose Work Scent Work dog.  Dogs will be searching for primary and must have completed one of Tony’s previous primary classes. Class will involve exteriors, containers, vehicles, and interiors. Multiple Class objectives to include but not limited to; developing the mindset of the dog when in doubt use their olfactory capabilities! Lots of playing on expectations to build intensity and problem solving skills!

Special Note:

Paired Problem Solving


4 Week online class that is set up for dog that just went through Intro to odor. Unique challenges will be presented to the dogs that are designed to develop skills that are not only critical for success in the future but critical to prevent issues in the future. Tapping into the instinctual drives through the class exercises not only is hunt drive being developed but tenacity to drive to source.
This will build that Magical we “gotta “follow our nose no matter what our expectations are or are not!

Class is also great for Dogs that have lost some drive and need so spark or motivation built back into the game for them. Dog must be on odor. 

Special Note:

Introduction to Odor


Class designed to transition from hunting primary to introduction of target odor. Will capitalize on instinctual drives of the canine. The canine will be imprinted on target odor(s) using techniques (classical conditioning) that the K9 will not actually have to learn anything and will be conditioned on target odor(s) via scent association through pairing. Class is based on methods Tony has used for 35+ years for Military and Law Enforcement K9s. Working spots will be given weekly assignments to be completed, and videoed. Working spots will receive video review provided directly to the handler and video review live in class. Working spots must have completed hunting for primary class from Tony.
Audit Spots will receive the weekly slides which have all the exercises. They will also receive the link of the recorded class. 

Special Note: