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Auditor Spot for Introduction to Exteriors

Introduction to Exteriors

Intro- PlusE 001IntroE1

3 Week online class that is hunting for Primary

Start Date: 26 April 2023

Class Time: 6:30-7:30 PM EST

Registration: Opens 17 April



Dog must have completed an introduction to nose work/scent work class

Dogs only on Primary and NOT on odor. Class is open to any dog hunting primary.


This class is designed for dogs hunting for primary. The class will broaden the search environments beyond boxes. Primary focus of the search environments will be exterior searches. Based on transitioning young in the sport dogs off of boxes to exteriors

Skills learned:

  • Start line procedures
  • Developing hunt drive
  • Making exteriors productive
  • Solid foundation skills to assist the dog in the future
  • Ability to search in new environments
  • Problem solving skills
  • Use of the wind
  • Confidence in new environments


Structured class with weekly objectives/skills. Weekly assignments laid out in a manner that students will be able to follow the training plan. Working spot students will submit videos weekly for review and feedback.  Online class will cover reviews of team’s progress and coverage of that week’s homework objectives. Online meeting is an open guided discussion that promotes positive communication and feedback that is beneficial for all attendees. Teams will receive an assignment prior to class start which will be reviewed the on the first class.

Audit spots open to certain extent as bandwidth concerns